Presentation: 4 Steps to Creating A Successful Project Culture

Presenters: Benny Jones Jr.

Venue: Tech Deland, Deland, Florida

Presentation will discuss the tools, methods, practices and challenges in creating a successful project culture. By developing a project culture, your organization will be capable of efficiently reacting to the challenges arising from an ever changing business environment.


Presentation: From Order Takers to Web Custodians within 2 years

Presenters: Benny Jones Jr., Tammaye Murray

Venue: HighEdWeb Florida 2013, University of Florida, Gainesville

About HighEdWeb Florida: HighEdWeb Southeast brings together higher education professionals involved in all aspects of web communications – programmers, designers, content strategists, marketers, social media community managers, and news and public relations specialists. When it comes to the web, each of these positions overlap and build off of one another to create an effective, persuasive web presence. HighEdWeb is designed to bring these groups together to share knowledge, encourage best practices, and move our web communications to the next level.

Description: Presentation will discuss the tools, methods, and practices used to transition from “order takers” to web custodians. Web custodians uses a methodology to evaluate all web requests with regard to best practices in web design, information architecture and SEO while adhering to University marketing and brand standards, and governance policies to manage more than 50 sites and 150 CMS editors across three campuses for more than 5000 employees ensuring support, accountability and visibility.


Track & Session: Web Governance and Standards: From Order Takers to Web Custodians within 2 years

Presentation: How to Fly a Content Management System

Presenters: Ira Strauss, Benny Jones Jr., Craig Agnaburg

Venue: Blackboard World 2004, Phoenix Arizona

The Content Management module integrates seamlessly with the Course Delivery and Community Engagement modules, making up the Blackboard Learn™ platform.  With the Content Management module, your institution will have a complete learning content solution that provides personal, course, institutional, and global content management capabilities for all types of learning content.