Benny Jones Jr., MBA, UXC, CSEM, GAIQ - UX Pro & Performance Marketer
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A digital project manager is a strategist for digital web projects that involve the creation of digital media. A digital producer’s primary responsibility is to manage the creative work of the design team and build a product that will satisfy the client’s overall requirements. The web producer is a project manager serving as the communicator of any digitally based project. This person collaborates with multiple project teams. He or she provides unique oversight and perspective to help maintain a common goal while increasing the knowledge, communication and awareness of team members and the client. The most successful digital producers are effective communicators and organizers who can eliminate obstacles, maintain realistic views of complex digital initiatives and manage the entire processes involved. The producer is responsible for each digital media component, its level of contribution and its level of quality. He or she must manage each project effectively to maintain a steady flow of productivity throughout the process. After all of the components have been placed, the project can be fine-tuned based on the client’s needs.

Digital Marketing Skill-set

A digital producer might have design skills and creative experience that parallel those of a multimedia designer, a webmaster or a graphic designer, which is evidence of his or her ability to supervise a multifaceted project. A successful producer will oversee the progress, the quality and the quantity of the digital media that is created by multiple designers on a team. For example, a complex website project might include graphics, animation, database functionality and streaming audio and video.

Digital Marketer as Strategist

The ability to assist a client in the development of a strategy that uses digital media is an important skill for a digital producer to have. The producer should be able to collaborate with the client closely while utilizing other teams within the organization to define unique and effective strategies in order to insure that the client reaches the highest potential for success. The producer will combine the collective strengths of marketing, project management, product development and sales to effectively bring the project from conception to delivery without compromising the original vision of the client. Ultimately, this role is essential to the success of any digital media project.

Digital Marketing Work Experience

Software Applications, Processes & Methodologies

  • Project Charter
  • Project Brief
  • Project Status
  • Project Plan
  • Content Strategy Matrix
  • Dream Weaver
  • Photoshop
  • CMS: Percussion CM1
  • Bugzilla
  • Word Press
  • Moz
  • Web Trends
  • Google Analytics